Best 9 Probiotics for Women of All Ages

September 28, 2022 2,276 views

A human body is populated by a huge number of both good and bad bacteria, living together in harmony. In order to help maintain that balance, some pharmaceutical supplements can be used. Probiotics, in particular, contain live good bacteria and yeasts to help fight off the bad ones. In women, probiotics are necessary for the support of their digestive system, and thus, we present you with some great choices provided by RenewLife.

1. Women's Care Probiotic Capsules 25 Billion CFU

Every capsule in this supplement contains 12 probiotic strains to preserve the health of the digestive, immune and urinary systems. All of the strains are clinically tested and the delayed-release nature of the capsules ensures the probiotics reach your gut and effectively maintain its health.

This daily supplement’s combination of 10 different probiotic strains and green coffee beans boosts good intestine bacteria while enhancing the digestive system and supporting a healthy BMI index by promoting weight loss. It contains 60 gluten dairy and soy-free capsules, making it a vegetarian-friendly choice.

Probiotics play an important role in a woman’s vaginal microbiome, as well as her intestine. This product contains a 50 billion live culture with 12 diverse strains in order to help maintain vaginal and urinary health besides keeping a balance in her digestive system.

This product has a slightly different formula than the other probiotics since it emphasizes more on supporting the immune system. Capsules are designed with delayed release, and they also, provide support to both respiratory and digestive health when taken on a daily basis as seen in numerous clinical trials.

Taking into consideration the different needs of ages 50+, this product was specifically designed for them. Containing bifidobacteria, a population of bacteria that decreases while aging, it helps digest fibers and promotes regularity in bowel movements amongst other health benefits.

This supplement is focusing on boosting a woman’s urinary health, reducing the risk of a recurring urinary tract infection, while keeping all other probiotic benefits. With 2 probiotic strains (B. coagulants and B. subtilis), a probiotic inulin fiber, and 500 mg of cranberry powder mixed together in a cherry-flavored gummy, it achieves maximum effect.

Containing 80 billion live bacteria cultures, from 12 diverse strains, this probiotic concentrates mainly on bowel health. One delayed-release capsule per day reduces bowel irregular movements, gas, and constipation.

This immune-boosting probiotic fulfills the daily needs of important elements such as zinc and vitamin C, apart from maintaining digestive balance. Can be taken orally, with or without food and it’s so easy to carry along with no need for refrigerating, making your life simpler.

Occasional bowel disorders can happen to anybody, especially to those who travel or have a routine disruption. Such a probiotic like the above which contains high levels of Saccharomyces boulardii can be the solution to this upsetting problem. It can aid to relieve diarrhea symptoms and restore bowel balance.