8 Super Tasty Health-Ade Pop Drinks to Try

September 28, 2022 2,146 views

These eight Health-Ade pop drinks are super refreshing to the last drop.

1. Ginger Fizz

At first glance, you might think that ginger and fizz do not match. However, a quick sip will make you a believer. Aside from the unique flavor, you get a dose of prebiotics to fuel your gut and immune system.

Is pomegranate your favorite fruit and you can’t get enough of it? Try the Pomegranate Berry Fizz. Summer berries work exceptionally well as a soda, and serve as a tasty addition to movie nights or Netflix binges.

Classic lemon and lime get a makeover and turned into healthy fizz. It’s all-natural, and you can effectively exchange it with cold water after spending an afternoon at the park or a quick run. There’s zero gluten and GMOs, and vegans and vegetarians won’t have to worry about consuming something they don’t like. A happy gut equals a healthy life.

The Juicy Grape Fizz is a drink you’ve never had (and it’s a good thing). Made from 100% natural ingredients and zero fake sugar, it’s fruity and has a depth of flavor, thanks to the cranberry extract. Prebiotic fiber equals a balanced gut.

Crisp and bubbly, like champagne that’s super healthy. The Apple Snap Fizz comes with all the good stuff, including detoxifying acids, living prebiotics, and natural antioxidants. They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away- replace it with the Apple Snap Fizz and it’s more or less the same.

With an explosion of flavor in your mouth, you’ll want to take swig after swig of this fruity goodness. Fresh strawberries combined with vanilla make for a sweet indulgence, and it quenches thoroughly too.

Why buy one when you can get three best-sellers in one package? The variety pack includes juicy grape, strawberry vanilla, and apple snap, all of which are made from prebiotics and natural ingredients. Skip the soda and get a healthy alternative that tastes like it.

Try everything Health-Ade has to offer with the Sampler Variety Pack. The 12-pack is designed to give you an array of refreshing drinks, including Grape, Apple Snap, Lemon and Lime, Strawberry Vanilla, Ginger Fizz, and Pomegranate Berry. Swap out sugar with organic fruit and you don’t lose the fizz you crave with these drinks.